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What should EU governments do with the web to transform public services?


In November 2009, the EU Ministerial declaration on e-government will be published at the Malmo conference. Whilst this formal process is important, governments are not yet absorbing the lessons of the social web or realising its potential to transform public services in a period of scarce resources. In the UK, I think it is especially urgent to demonstrate that we can move beyond simplistic debates about more or less investment in public services and instead find innovative ways to harness people power to deliver better services.

To encourage EU governments to act more quickly on this front, following on from our Public Services 2.0 workshop in Brussels, we have joined with other partners to launch (what we hope will become) a co-created declaration on public services to sit alongside the ministerial declaration.

Please add your ideas or vote for others here.

We will aim for a first draft by August, to be openly reviewed and commented in September and October in time to collect public endorsement and then present it at the Ministerial Conference. See here for more information.

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