Headshift pioneered the use of social tools within traditional firms, and worked from 2002 for over a decade to help firms improve operations and engagement using smarter, simpler, social technology

Key Competencies

We have the right combination of skills and experience to help ensure the success of a social business programme

Our mission is to help create people- and network-centric business structures using social technology, both inside and outside the firewall. That requires a unique combination of technical and business skills, which we have built our team around.

Strategic Consulting & Programme Management
We have one of the strongest and most experienced consulting teams that focuses on social technology anywhere in the world that offers both short, fixed-term consulting projects as well as long-term advisory work.

Design social software solutions
The single biggest factor in successful projects is an obsessive focus on user experience that runs through design, technology and adoption. Our user experience and engineering teams are among the best.

Social Experience design
How do the ideas of User Experience Design operate in social networks, where people can influence each others behaviour in a variety of ways? Our social experience practice applies the ideas of behavioural economics and cognitive science to deigning subtle interventions in networks that can positively influence individual and collective behaviour.

Big data
Social analytics seeks to apply distributed human cognition to the task of making sense of data and signals, and is of great interest to many companies today. For example, social media monitoring and listening projects generate a lot of data and information, but how do we identify actionable insights? Social analytics provides a scalable human solution to this problem.

Engagement & Adoption
Simpler, smarter, social solutions need more than just technology. They need smart ideas and thinking about user engagement. Most of all, they need to address specific, individual needs if they are to succeed.

Learning & Training
Our systems do not require training to use, but there are definite advantages to running learning programmes alongside adoption to ensure that people have the underpinning skills and confidence that can help them get more out of using social tools. This is especially important with second and third wave adopters.

Post*Shift: the Prequel

A decade of learning how, when and with whom social technology can be implemented inside organisations to humanise and improve their operations left behind an interesting trail of blog posts, experiences and case studies, so it seemed like a good idea to maintain this web archive. Headshift was founded in 2002, sold in 2009, and the right to its name and content was then re-acquired by its founders in 2014 as they were setting up their new venture, Post*Shift. If you enjoy reading this archive, please head over to the Post*Shift site to find out how we are building on the first phase of social business technology to create new structures, culture and operations in large organisations as part of our vision for Twenty-First Century Business.