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Office of the e-Envoy under threat?


Kablenet reports that the e-envoy’s office is facing a funding review that, in the face of other changes in Whitehall structures, could threaten its work
“Andrew Pinder, the UK e-envoy, is facing an uncertain future for his office with the prospect of a reduced budget amid changes at the centre of Whitehall to be made by the head of the civil service, it emerged on 7 March 2003. “The article suggests we will learn more this week
Andrew Turnbull, cabinet secretary and head of the civil service is to answer questions on the e-envoy’s office in a hearing of Parliament’s Public Administration Select Committee next week. It is expected that he will face questioning on the relevance of the e-envoy’s office, with its staff of 145, as well as on wider public sector reform.

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