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Forrester CEO predicts web services storm


Forrester Research CEO George Colony predicted that web services will be the next “technology thunderstorm” in a speech to the ICT World Forum in Hanover on March 10, as reported by InfoWorld (via Guardian online)
He talked about web services as having three main components
> Web services – the enabling middleware> the “XInternet” – extendible, executable web applications> Organic IT – a distributed, evolving IT environmen
By way of explanation about “organic IT”, Colony had this to say
“If you inject technology into your company without [changing] processes and how you organize, you injected naked technology,” Colony said. “In 2000, you had a lot of companies injecting CRM software, but they did not change the way they work. They got lower return on investment, endangered good process, brought the CFO out of his cave, poisoned the delicate CEO-technology relationship, and shortened the life expectancy of the CIO.”

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