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Sobering stats from the Small World experiment


Columbia University’s Smallworld experiment is an attempt to re-examine the famous six degrees of separation principle using online communication
“In this project, we intend to perform the first large scale, global verification of the small world hypothesis, using the modern Email equivalent of Milgram’s passport innovation. We hope to test not only average properties of lengths of acquaintance chains, but also the distribution of lengths, along with the effect of race, class, nationality, occupation, and education. We intend to quantify the impact of additional target information upon search success and chain length, and also to investigate the importance of “centers” individuals who are thought to exist who are disproportionately responsible for directing messages to the targets.”It has produced some sobering results that evangelists of the various new online “social networks” should examine closely
As reported on The Blogalization Conspiracy, the experiment has found that a 97% attrition rate in the lines of communications between first tier contacts and their downstream contacts. In other words, 97% of requests were not relayed beyond the first level of contact.

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