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Wikis: not an ugly duckling after all?


I am not an ugly duckling, … why, … I’m a well formed, semantically-marked-up personal web site with easy editing (and no tables!)
Sebastien Paquet links to Matt Haughey’s new phpwiki-driven site, which just goes to show that all its takes to make a Wiki beautiful is one of the Web’s foremost designers, hours of sweat and experimentation, knowledge of strict XHTML 1.0 and skill with hacking CSS!?
Matt concludes: I’m happy with the outcome, though it was a ton of work to achieve my goals even considering my fairly simple content. I believe with further hacking it would be possible to control a fairly robust corporate or personal website with a wiki backend, so here’s hoping someone creates that package, or takes the work I’ve done further with their own site.(He also gives instructions for replicating his changes to phpwiki that were necessary to make work here
It’s a lovely simple site, and an admirable effort, but there are easier ways of achieving the same thing – they just don’t use wikis.

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