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Researching user needs among SMEs in London


As the biggest business support agency in Europe, Business Link for London needs to stay in touch with the needs of its target market.

Headshift was approached by Business Link for London to provide strategic research and advice to support the development and positioning of their online services, and to identify what information and support services this target audience need and where they go for them.

Rather than gather simple quantitative data of questionable value, we sat down with SME principals to get inside their heads and elicit an understanding of their needs through dialogue and interview. We combined this work with desk-based research and specialist informed opinion to come up with a view of the key priorities for the organisation’s online service delivery going forward.

Our final report covered areas such as:

  • Brand challenges – Issues related to our client’s brand recognition and corporate perception
  • Current offering – Perceived character and relevance of our client’s overall service offering
  • Online services – Review of the SMEs’ online skills, technical setup, usage patterns and awareness of our client’s existing online offering
  • Identified needs – Focus on core requirements and valuable pointers to service development emerging from the research
  • Future development – Recommendations for the re-alignment of existing online assets, content and services, ideas for future services and partnerships

Business Link for London:
Strategic consulting and research

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  1. By Headshift on May 8, 2006 at 1:04 pm

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