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Lack of communication and the failure of organisations


Via Tom Raggett comes this piece from Mitch Ratcliffe: Mitch Thinking Out Loud: Lack of communication and the failure organizations
“An open information environment provides for better informed decisions by all players in the economy, if society can organize itself to begin to make sense of all the data describing business, employment, value, social capital, network effects and specific markets or business. These analytical roles are the future of the Western economies currently seeing their manufacturing bases removed to lower-cost, lower-regulation locales. As more information becomes available, the highest value work will remain inside networks of analysts that increase the value of logistical planning, manufacturing, marketing, and product development. These networks will be at the heart of value systems that span the globe while driving local physical economies (food, services and light manufacturing near the customer) to sustain the Western lead in economic performance, if companies make the change to adopt the dynamic workstyles that allow these systems to come into a being and change constantly without completely unraveling. I see a very real risk that in a desire to protect current working patterns, the West will sabotage its transition to success in an information-dependent world. “

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