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Good linkage about law firms as learning organisations


Excited Utterances has a good set of links about Law Firms as Learning Organisations.

One Response to Good linkage about law firms as learning organisations

  1. By Roya Jakoby on February 11, 2004 at 11:56 am

    I worked closely with one law firm here in London (we did their internet and intranet presence) and I found them to be great clients, very interesting and open-minded people to work with. This particular firm ( has a sound interest into culture, and they discovered the importance of electronic communication and smart software solutions relatively early. The requirements of a typical law firm are quite specific- depending on their range of services offered – but this complexity makes lawyers particularly interesting clients for developers and designers alike. I would sure love to do another project for a law firm, from my experience it’s a rewarding territory.
    best, /roya.