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Comprehensive report on wireless access in London


Via smartmobs comes this comprehensive report on wireless access in London, entitled The State of Wireless London, which seems to be a pre-cursor study to a possible wireless festival for the city
The report finds

  • There has been a huge growth in the use of WLANs in London, a trend which looks set to continue.
  • The freenetworking movement is maturing and making significant advances in terms of uptake, technical solutions, social networks and a discourse of media freedom.
  • Commercial WLAN providers are this year beginning a substantial marketing push to sell high value hotspot offerings, but with perhaps no proven business model.
  • A number of public sector WLAN initiatives, many in partnership with community and freenetwork groups, are being started around the city with differing ownership models and media agendas.
  • The actual network growth as seen by direct measurement of signals is much higher than that represented by the public databases
  • WLANs are being deployed in large numbers in businesses but increasingly in the home as a way of bringing the various digital media technologies together.
  • Many of these networks are open and provide a de facto freenetwork.

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