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The new geek?


Via Louise Ferguson comes this link to The New Geek, a piece in PC Magazine that describes

“…people who are technically trained but also have the ability and inclination to work comfortably in other disciplines like business, the sciences, and the social sciences. They personify the future of computing as its impact spreads further. Computing has already helped transform everything from the way scientists plumb the mysteries of biology, chemistry, and physics to the way Detroit designs cars and Hollywood makes movies. As it moves increasingly beyond traditional calculation, computer science is inevitably becoming more interdisciplinary, introducing the computing arts to a wider circle of people.”

2 Responses to The new geek?

  1. By Suw on July 20, 2004 at 9:29 am

    There’s nothing wrong with Python! *cough*

  2. By barb on July 27, 2004 at 9:44 am

    there is no doubting the truth of this. now that the genie is out of the bottle and computers are being used to connect people to people, not simply computers to computers, there will be no going back.
    it makes sense that there is a trend towards work lives that encompass a diversity of skills and interests. most people are bored with the ultra-specialized, “assembly-line” apporach to work, and they are tired of hierarchies and answering to bosses and having little decision-making power. they want to to be able to exercise a breadth of knowledge that allows them to be more involved in the bigger picture. nobody is one-dimensional, and why would anyone want to be? we are craving holistic selves and that means encompassing more and more diversity of thought and experience, and a moving away from monoculture.