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Collaborative note-taking takes a step forward


Whilst Lee and I were at BlogTalk 2.0 we took part in some collaborative note taking, using RendezVous, SubEthaEdit and a wiki.
This process has now taken it’s next natural step, with a SubEthaEdit-enabled wiki used at OSCON 2004, as reported by Ton and Roland.
SubEthaEdit is a very useful tool and it would enhance many collaborative projects – not just note-taking at conferences – if wikis were routinely SubEthaEdit-enabled. I would also love to see SubEthaEdit extended to work on platforms other than the Mac. There were many people at BlogTalk who could have made valuable contributions, but who were prevented by the fact that they were running Windows.

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  1. By Ross Mayfield on August 9, 2004 at 4:12 pm