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How to Apply for (IA) Jobs


urlgreyhot : How to apply for IA jobs is a great common-sense breakdown of what the author (an experienced IA consultant) thinks c ompanies are looking for in new IA recruits
Much of this advice is useful for any job seeker looking for a role in a company like ours, not just people involved in Information Architecture

“Perhaps it will help to know how I approach job targetting. I’ve used this strategy for everything from internships to full time positions. When I apply for jobs I don’t mass mail. I tailor everything. I research fully what the organization is about, what their job description reads and how that matches what they say about the company and what type of work they do, who they serve. I write a cover letter that identifies what they do, what they�re looking for and where I can help help them with business goals. I actually tailor my resume to match their job description where possible, being absolutely truthful. I play down the things that won�t matter to them and play up the things that do. Each time I�ve looked for jobs I’ve targetted where I wanted to work and only sent a few resumes out. But times were better then. With the poor economy, job searching now may be different, but my strategy of tailoring my sales pitch to each hiring opportunity is probably more important now than before. Unfortunately you have to think of this as a sale. What do you bring to the table, and how would the prospective employer benefit from having you?”

Take note future headshifters!

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