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London links and thoughts


Technorati has some blog posts, links and photos about today’s atrocity at Technorati Tag: London
We are all OK – hope you are too. Thoughts are with those directly affected
Skype, tags, blogs, RSS, wikipedia and good old email were all useful today with the mobile network down – proof there are non-trivial applications for all this stuff
Sad day….

One Response to London links and thoughts

  1. By Livio Hughes on July 8, 2005 at 12:56 pm

    Sad day, as you say, though an interesting exercise in getting on with it and pulling together, with the Headshift office turning into a mini-haven for stranded friends, clients walking *literally* for miles across the London chaos and security cordons (and back again!) just to meet with us, and our team working productively through the whole thing, albeit with live video feeds of the events unfolding on their desktops – we’re really privileged to have such fantastic people working with us.