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Just Bru: LongTail^-1


Riccardo is a crafty fox. I overheard him invent LongTail^(-1) yesterday afternoon in the office, which was a perfect complement to Paolo’s 4th blogiversary (or whatever the term is) and other people’s observations about why people ‘don’t blog anymore’ in some cases. Stowe Boyd had some useful thoughts on this subject yesterday as well
Is blogging so passé? Are we writing less? A few bloggers recently have asked why many of the early adopters seem to be writing less, or not at all. Well, quality vs noise is an issue, as is limited time and attention. But blogging is not a competition about quantity. Maybe writing less is fine, when there are some many other people out there writing interesting stuff
If you have nothing to say, or no time to say it, then … read! Blogging is as much about reading as writing, and I find my reading/writing ratio has increased as more and more useful material emerges through the world of blogs. And we are not just talking about reading. The wonderful Paris photoblog had a birthday too recently, and has spawned 30 other place blogs such as a London cabbie’s view of my own hometown. This is basic presence sharing, a blogging ‘mode’ that many of us already use to maintain social networks on Flickr. And that’s just the humans in my feed list. Wait until the blogjects and the ambient rabbits get going
Yes, we need filters, and that means using our collective blogging brain grid to help us find things of value. We also need better sensing and reading skills. I find it best to sniff feeds now (don’t ask me how) before selecting items to read, or to skim until something tells me to alight upon a post for some reason. It might seem random, but it works for me
One of the key issues we need to address through filters is the question of feedback (in the guitar/amp/noise sense, not feedback as in consultation). How can we either filter out noisy memes or bubble up topics that multiple people we trust are talking about. I think the former is what Riccardo was getting at with his power of whispers post, but I am also keen to find better solutions for the latter. Any ideas?

2 Responses to Just Bru: LongTail^-1

  1. By tom murphy on March 28, 2006 at 1:16 pm

    “How can we either filter out noisy memes or bubble up topics that multiple people we trust are talking about.”
    I could not agree more about the second part of the sentence. We all have friends/buddies/favorites in all different applications and on different sites.
    Aggregating content by interested parties would be interesting. In the vien of an iTunes model where I have a library of contacts, and by making playlists of people, their communications content, email, IE, etc are delivered.

  2. By Riccardo Cambiassi on March 29, 2006 at 1:26 am

    Well, I just jotted down a catchphrase and you really made sense out of it. Cool! 🙂
    Anyway, the signal vs. noise is definitely one of my favourite themes and maybe we should really try to fire up some more real signal on the subject. I’ve some chords of old ( I’d like to go back to, and I’m sure the bunnies will provide much help too 😉