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Another day, another conference
I am at the Blogs and Social Media Forum run by VNU with able assistance from Adriana Cronin-Lukas. The lineup is excellent, with many friends present, so well done to Lorna and Adriana for pulling it together and hello to all m’learned colleagues. There is a conference blog, which also has a podcast from me and one from Adriana about what we want to get out of the conference
This conference is aiming to set itself apart from other similar events in two main ways. First, it is trying to be more participative and interactive than other conferences, with a heavy dose of open space in the middle of the day. Second, it has three real, practical case studies of social software in the enterprise

  1. the well-known DrKW case study championed by the energetic and thoughtful J P Rangaswami;
  2. one from Johnson and Johnson; and,
  3. a case study of our work within the legal practice Allen & Overy using blogs, wikis, social tagging et al within a group context to promote informal knowledge sharing.

I will be co-presenting this latter one with Ruth Ward from Allen & Overy just after lunch, and we will hopefully be able to share our slides (well … Flickr pictures and screenshots) afterwards
I am looking forward to the Open Space session, because I have to confess a certain scepticism about this format (oh blogosphere, I have harboured impure thoughts 😉 when applied to stimulating conversation within a conference. As Dan reminded me yesterday, people like Martin Leith have been using this technique for a long time to address specific issues, in a fairly directed way, and the evidence suggests that it can work very well. However, I am never sure about Open Space sessions during conferences as I often find them too vague or broad in scope. Anyway, I promise not to flick rubber bands or singger at the back of the bus – I will do my best to be constructive and give it a chance. I would love to be a convert, especially as I just agreed to host a similar ‘conversation’ at an event called W24G on Monday ;-
I am sure this conference will generate some interesting conversations and prompt some new thinking and ideas. Loic is already injecting a welcome note of irreverent humour and charm into the opening panel
More later…

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