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Two great European conferences coming up


Conferenceleweb3paris2006_1Le Web 3 will take place in Paris on December 11 & 12 this year, with a larger venue than previous years that can hold 900 people, so it looks set to be a major event this year. Organised by the irrepressibly energetic Loic Lemur, it comes highly recommended by us. I shall be speaking in the Enterprise 2.0 slot with Ross from Socialtext and Xavier des Horts from Nokia France. Should be lots of fun
Coming at the end of a sequence of workshops in four European cities throughout November, and a quick trip to NYC to meet new potential partners, this will be my last event of 2006 before I retreat to the Caribbean for some R&R&R after a long, hard year ;-
LIFT07On the other side of the New Year, one of the best events of 2007 will take place in Geneva on February 7-9, in the form of the LIFT conference. I missed LIFT last year, but its founder, Laurent Haug, is a super guy and a kind host, so I expect it will be a great event. I will be speaking here too, but it’s in 2007, so who knows what I will talk about?!
In fact, it occurs to me that we are really lucky to have such great events in Europe, which are on the whole more thoughtful and less overtly commercial than the larger-scale US-based technology events of recent years. It was at the first Les Blogs conference in Paris that I met Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, who is the driving force behind Reboot (a conference so good I can never finish a blog post reviewing it); and it was at Reboot that I finally met Laurent. Hopefully some exciting new connections will be made at LIFT as well
The fact that we have such luminaries as Loic, Thomas, Laurent, Thomas Burg and other great people giving their time and energy to create a European social software scene is fantastic. Thank you all!

2 Responses to Two great European conferences coming up

  1. By Bloggerin on November 13, 2006 at 12:11 pm

    Le Web in Paris and Lift in Geneva
    Hello from Hamburg
    I think such conferences are very important for the European Scene and in general for the Web Generation 2.0. to create a strong communitiy in Europe.
    I look forward to reading from your results

  2. By Lee on November 14, 2006 at 9:32 pm

    Thanks. I am very optimistic about the European social software scene, which I think has a lot to offer.
    I just came back from Hamburg this evening. Wonderful city!