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Vista is now out of the way


Windows users now have the opportunity to use some of the basic computing features that OS X users have enjoyed for the past few years, such as dynamic background search, a decent default browser and a half decent interface: Microsoft’s Vista Had Major Mac Envy, Company E-Mails Reveal – Windows News by InformationWeek
I hope IT departments who are already using Windows will let adventurous users upgrade soon – it surely can’t be worse than what they put up with already. It will make headshifting easier and it will make you more popular ;-
But the real news is not ‘how well will Vista do?’ for it will always trail OS X at this point, I think. The real news is that suddenly an army of Microsoft engineers will now be free to focus on the future of the company: that which is now called ‘Live‘. Vista is now out of the way, so we should expect more from Microsoft on the Interweb in 2007.

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