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Saatchi Gallery Showdown


To say we are not very good at sharing case studies and claiming credit for our work is an understatement. I will not buck the trend here..
Last year, we were asked to help Charles Saatchi develop his online Saatchi Gallery whilst he readied his new physical gallery in London. He is one of those people who thinks his words should become reality even before the breath that carries them condenses in the surrounding air 😉 He wanted anyone to blog, to comment, to chat or to upload their own pictures for showing – preferably all at once! We deployed Drupal, some Ruby on Rails goodness for the chat, Movable Type for the blogging and some other bits and pieces, but I suspect that in our heart of hearts we didn’t think the whole thing could work like that, as a bit of a mishmash sprouting features on a whim, and … God forbid … with no tag clouds
But, of course, Charles’ vision was actually pretty good. Where he saw what he wanted, we saw complexity and too many features. So, aside from Riccardo’s masterfully calm handling of what appeared to be random crazy demands at the time, I don’t think we can take a lot of the credit. The level of participation in all the weird and wonderful features of the site is very impressive, and it claims to be doing 10 million “hits” a day with tens of thousands of artists exhibiting through the site and quite a few artists being ‘discovered’ by real-world galleries and publications. Congratulations to Charles and the team for making it work
This Monday, the Saatchi Gallery Showdown for user-submitted artworks gets underway, and the winners will be shown in the new physical gallery. Why not pop along and cast a vote.

2 Responses to Saatchi Gallery Showdown

  1. By ZackTaylor on June 28, 2008 at 5:10 am

    I like the Saatchi art site, but I really think that if it were not for the name attached to it the site would be just another art site. There are better sites out there. It is unfortunate that those sites hardly ever get the press his site has had just because they were built up from the boot straps.

  2. By Lee Bryant on July 1, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    I don’t disagree, but I also don’t think many other people could have pulled off such an audacious site that has such potential to disrupt the art market in such an interesting way.