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Green things for all the family


Those crazy cats at Green Thing have been raising a laugh among our team this month with a series of rather zany games and videos aimed at persuading people to turn their lights off
First off, you can now track our bright green things on a world map. This suggests that more people in Kuala Lumpur have done the green thing than people from Bracknell, though not as many as from Slough. Something to do with David Brent, no doubt
Second, if you were not brave enough for the marginally NSFW ‘lights off’ video, then you can open your eyes now for an altogether more pleasant experience (Imagine Michael Howard reading fictional Patrick Moore star-gazing nonsense and you will not go far wrong). If you are of sound mind, then you might also want to try a sampling of funny, dark thoughts
Third, we have a new game! Here is a screenshot:Yes, it is a dark game based on navigating towards sounds rather than visual objects. Have fun
And what’s next, I hear you ask! We are writing to Santa asking for Tamagotchi creatures you can nurture as rewards for doing green things, but since we have not always been good, I don’t know if we will get them 😉

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