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We got our delicious mojo back!


So I was just reading Jeremy Keith’s excellent notes from An Event Apart in San Francisco about Shepherding Passionate Users and delivering fabulous customer service when Britta, a Community Manager at Delicious, wrote to tell me she had managed to restore the Headshift Delicious account from a backup. Yay
Apparently, the account was deleted last Thursday when we all sat down to a farewell lunch for Sigrun, so it was our own fault for not having a strong enough password, and not Delicious’s fault at all. I think I know what happened, but although my scorpio tail is twitching, it will not strike this time, as I am genuinely grateful for this timely reminder about password hygiene
Thank you Delicious!

One Response to We got our delicious mojo back!

  1. By Niall Cook on August 19, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    What a relief. What you really need is your own internal system 😉