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Green behaviour paradox


A fascinating, if fairly logical observation about the paradox of green behaviour from the Gaurdian this week: Green idealists most likely to take long-haul flights, says study
This is why Green thing is so necessary, in my view, to apply social network peer pressure to keep us all on the straight and narrow in terms of personal habits and behaviours. I know that I find it hard to break the consumerist habits of a lifetime without snapping back into lazy old ways
Incidentally, I just noticed the other day that the Facebook app we built for Green thing was the top rated (10/10) app in a recent Huffington Post review – yay! Also, Green thing have a film competition open right now for students who want to produce motivational short films to persuade people of the need to change behaviours.

One Response to Green behaviour paradox

  1. By Brenda | Trade Marks on September 15, 2009 at 8:16 am

    Lee, that was a really interesting article its almost like they are contradicting themselves, how can they think that living the whole year doing the green thing will balance out their flight to a skiing holiday? To me if you going to go all out on living green then that would include not flying as this actually produces more carbon emissions.