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All aboard the BlogBoat

by Robin Hamman

On Sunday, I’ll be in Ghent to take part in Blog Boat 1.0 – Citizen Journalism. During the afternoon, an invitation only “meeting of the minds” will bring together journalists, academics and bloggers to discuss the future of citizen journalism and, in the evening, I’ll be moderating a free (registration required) interactive debate with Dan Gillmor and other participants from the day.

Here’s how the organisers are framing the debate:

“Over the last couple of years traditional media hastried to formulate an answer to this development in finding a balancebetween print – and online information, in keeping track with thenewest technological trends to present their information and infiguring out how to integrate citizen journalism within their (online)information channels.  What are workable/feasible models for the future? 

In what way technological developmentswill influence the way we deal with news and information. Will theyempower us more, will new constraints appear and will the old once besorted in time? Is there a possible role for guides/filters and whowould these filters be (newspapers, well known bloggers … ? And in linewith the later, is there a possible role for guides/curators guidingnon-expert users through the information in an open way build on trustand reputation? What are the possible ways forward for mainstream media in working with citizen journalists?

Having met Dan and several of the other participants previously, I’m looking forward to a thoughtful, challenging and wide ranging debate.

Although over 100 people have already signed up, registration is still open so if you want to attend, make sure you get your name on the list. See you aboard!

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