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Conference and events I’m at during March

by Robin Hamman

The social media conference season is rapidly heating up and I’m lucky enough to be taking part in some great events this month.

OnWednesday I was at CeBit, the World’s largest computing tradeshow, inHanover, Germany, where I participated in two panels as part of the WebCiety stream.


WebCiety at CeBit

During the first session, Netzgesellschaft,we discussed the increasing number of people who report using socialmedia to find recommendations in advance of purchasing products orservices. Up until recently, people looking for such recommendationscould only turn to the product websites or review sites. Now they posttheir question on twitter or facebook to tap into the knowledge andexperience of their social networks. Those of us on stage, and mostreaders here, will have the skills required to sift the noise from thegenuine nuggets of insight, but many internet users don’t. The key,then, to helping this second wave of adopters is to provide mechanismsthat help them easily filter recommendations, helping guiding the wayto those responses they can trust.

The second panel I was on, Media 2.0,looked at how the mainstream media is using social media. In Germany,we heard, most media organisations are only now beginning to experimentwith social media and, in most instances, that experimentation islimited to hosting audience comments. There are only a few examples ofGerman media organisations going beyond this unlike, I told the panel,British organisations such as the Guardian or BBC who have, over recentyears, conducted interesting experiments aimed at involving theiraudiences directly in content production process. 

I’ve got quite a few other events coming up later in the month. Onthe 15th, I’ll be moderating the Enterprise 2.0 conference in London.Here’s the introduction I wrote to what should be an interesting day of speakers and panels.

Later that week, on the 18th, I’m going to be participating in the Social Business Summit Europethat’s being organised by Headshift in partnership with Somesso. Theevent, the second in a three part global series of Social BusinessSummits, will move beyond the adoption of social tools to consider thebusiness impact and implactions for organisational transformation. Let us know if you are interested in attending what should be a great event.

At the end of the London event, I’ll be heading straight to Heathrowfor my flight to Sydney where, on the 25th, I’m speaking at the Social Business Summit Sydney.I’ve actually got an event filled week in Australia as I’m also speakingat several other events whilst there, including running a masterclass on Online Community Engagement in the Public Sector in Canberra on the 22nd.

If you’re planning on attending any of these events, drop me a line in advance or come say hello.

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