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Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies

by Christoph Schmaltz

While some people are still arguing about the terminology andimportance of enterprise20, social media or social business design,others are busy applying the concepts and ideas behind these labelsre-thinking the way organisations operate.

Evidence? Plenty! Take a look what members of the Adoption 2.0 Council are working on or visit the website or Jakob Morgan’s list of 50 enterprise20 case studies. is another site that showed up on my radar a while ago.

It is a platform set up by academics from different institutions:

Thecase studies listed come from a range of organisations of all sizes,industries, geographies and cover various use cases and technologies.Some of them are extremely detailed, others give a broad overview. Getin touch with the authors of the website if you would like to see yourcase study listed or if you would like them to help you write it.Through their research they have come up with a standardised templatethat can help to compare E20 projects.

Looking at what is trying to achieve and what Headshift has to offer, it seems a great fit for a partnership. Since 2003 we have worked with dozens of clients to address specific business needs using social tools. We have a constantly growing list of case studies that will now also be published on

So far, you can find the following Headshift case studies on the website:

We are looking forward to adding new case studies and a fruitful partnership between and Headshift.

Enough said for now. Take a minute or two and browse through all the case studies listed on the site. Small caveat: itself is currently in German, but will change to English over time. The website has now been translated into English.

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