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New Confluence version released

by Christoph Schmaltz

While I was away catching some sunshine in LA, our friends at Atlassian have released a new version of their ever so popular enterprise wiki Confluence.

Whether I had to write an RFP, share my business targets with colleagues, update the status of a project or do some other fancy content editing, I always preferred using the wiki markup rather than Confluence’s rich text editor. However, with the latest version 3.2 this will most probably change.

Some of the new features:

  • New Link Browser
  • Auto-complete for links and attachments
  • New themes
  • Keyboard shortcuts

This 5 min video will give you a good understanding of what the new features are all about:

Wiki purists may despise the improved attachment handling functionality of Confluence. However, the majority of people are used to files and attachments and will welcome the new improvements. Users can now simply drag&drop files into Confluence, embed them instantly within the application and with the Office Connector make direct changes in MS Office.   

If you are in charge of a Confluence roll-out at your organisation this will hopefully make your life easier and see increased adoption of the platform. However, it’s good to keep in mind that features alone will not be enough. They need to be relevant to your users and help them to get their work done. Rather than starting with fancy features, focus on your users and uses cases first!

On April 28 Adaptivist and Headshift are running a Confluence User Group event and will also talk about the new version. My colleague Olga has the announcement. I hope to see you at the event! 

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