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Social Media Influence, Inside and Outside


We are really excited about the lineup for the Social Media Influence conference in London on June 22, which has a great combination of internal and external social business ideas.

The combination of internal and external social business efforts is a big theme for us right now, and a major source of benefits in the next stage of company efforts to create Twentieth Century organisational structures. So many externally facing social media efforts are limited by the fact that they have no grounding inside the organisation. Too many initiatives on the edges of the organisation are creating false brand promises of a level of engagement the organisation cannot deliver. Similarly, there are many internal social business efforts that could benefit from the breath of fresh air and energy that exists externally among their customers and partners – nothing speeds up positive internal change like a little bit of oversight or involvement from customers! This is something I have been writing and talking about recently.

Looking at the Social Media Influence lineup, there are some great expert speakers focusing on the internal aspects of social business:

  • JP Rangaswami on the social business big picture issues
  • Euan Semple, moderating a session where internal practitioners talk about their challenges and successes
  • Julien Le Nestour talkig about his Return on Attention model, which is a great counter-point to ROI discussions
  • Jeff Dachis on the future of social business design

We also have a stellar lineup of social media practitioners, including:

  • Alexandra Wheeler, Digital Director of Starbucks
  • Andy Hobsbawm on social responsibility
  • Antony Mayfield (iCrossing) and Ruth Speakman (Sony Electronics Europe) on moving beyond campaign thinking
  • B.Bonin Bough, Head of Social Media, PepsiCo
  • Alex Balfour, Head of New Media, London 2012
  • Adam Brown, Director of Interactive Marketing Communications, Dell

In the afternoon, the internal and external tracks will come together, and I think there is great potential for cross-fertilisation, so I am hopeful that everybody will take some useful learning away from the event.

Congratulations to Matthew, Marc and the team for putting together such an awesome event.

If you have not yet registered, then get on with it! If you are a friend or client of Headshift, ping me and we have some heavily discounted tickets to share with you.

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