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Another Successful Atlassian User Group Event!

by Miranda Man
Last week, Headshift and Adaptavist hosted the London Atlassian User Group event. This was the second London user group of the year. As with the previous event in April, the people who attended were from a wide range of industries: from charities and the public sector to retail and engineering firms. However, where before the event had focussed on Confluence, this time we broadened the scope to include discussion on other Atlassian products due to demand.

The good folks from Atlassian kicked off the event. Todd Revolt, Director of Business Development, gave an overview of the company and talked about their latest $60m funding and future plans.  Ben Naftzger, Sales and Marketing Director EMEA, then spoke about Atlassian’s European Ambassador Programme.  Atlassian are still looking for the right people to be Ambassadors here in the UK but also Europe-wide.  If you are passionate about Atlassian products and have taken their values to heart, you should check out their programme.

Here are the slides for Todd and Ben’s presentation:

Tony Atkins, Senior Support Engineer at Atlassian, then gave us a glimpse into the company’s future direction by looking at the latest releases of Confluence and JIRA. Here are his presentation slides:

You may notice that the latest releases have been primarily about improving the user experience and the ease of use of both products. Both JIRA and Confluence are already best-in-class products and Atlassian will manifest their position with future releases. It will be very exciting!

After Atlassian, our very own Christoph Schmaltz introduced the Confluence Scroll plugin developed by k15t Software . A wiki is all about content, not form or layout. The Scroll plugin allows a user to export wiki content into pre-defined MS Word templates, so that the user does not have to worry about the layout of the finished document.  We at Headshift are using the plugin ourselves and see a great need with some of our clients (e.g. proposal writing, software documentation).

After these presentations we split into the the Business and Technical track sessions.

During the Business Track session, we had representatives from Headshift, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP (RPC), Lloyds Register and City University, London presenting their innovative use of Confluence and JIRA.  Highlights included the integration efforts at RPC using a social layer, Lloyds Register’s Confluence integration with Sharepoint and City University’s roll-out of JIRA in conjunction with a change management programme.

The Practitioner Panel and Q&A session followed the presentations and covered a number of topics including community management and moderation, integrating software and user adoption.  The Panel included representatives from Headshift, RPC, Capita and City University.

Adaptavist facilitated the Technical Track and covered a guide on writing plugins, supporting Atlassian software and a discussion session.

The event finished with a few words from Valerie Bergkamp, Partner Manager EMEA at Atlassian.

As ever, the User Groups are as much about networking as about learning new developments and the event wrapped up nicely with drinks and then with more drinks at the pub! We hope that the attendees enjoyed the event and gained from it.

Please get in touch if you would like to join us for the next event.  Also, if you have any Confluence or JIRA related challenges for your business or are looking to explore using social tools to improve particular business objectives, here is how you can contact us.

2 Responses to Another Successful Atlassian User Group Event!

  1. By Alek Lotoczko on February 9, 2011 at 10:54 am

    Do you have any information regarding an April 2011 AUG in London please? Its the date i need as my calendar is filling up. Thanks

  2. By Daniel Siddle on February 25, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Hi Alex,

    You can find details of the series and request an invite by going to

    Hopefully see you there.