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Social Business Meetup in Zurich – October 5

by Christoph Schmaltz

Do you work in Zurich or surroundings? Are you involved in Social Media or Enterprise 2.0 initiatives at your organisation? Do you think a social business is indeed different from a traditional business using social media tools? Do you have time on October 5?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above (two or three gives extra points), you may be interested in coming for an impromptu meetup to Restaurant Reithalle in Zurich on October 5 starting from 7 PM. If you are passionate about or involved in social business, social media, enterprise 2.0 topics or are wondering about how new technology can address work challenges, we would love you to join us. Simply ping @leeprovoost or me @christoph or via email ( christoph (at) ) so we know who is coming and we can make sure we have each other’s phone numbers in case you can’t find us.

We will have our own Nabaztag Bunny with us. He loves to travel and meet new friends. So don’t be shy and do say hello!

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