Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations

Amit Kothari

Strategy and Technical Consultant

Amit Kothari is a technical consultant and strategist. He’s a thinker on business and interaction models for the web. He’s an eccentric believer in the expression of feelings on the web. He launched Quotations Book at the Future of Web Apps in 2007, and he’s working on ventures like Tallyfy and Paper Sheen. He’s dabbled in more arty experiments in web expression like moonrise. Prior to joining Headshift, Amit spent a couple of years doing public sector projects with Atos Origin – a leading systems integrator. He’s published a book of poetry and has a passion for adventurous travel.

Recent posts by Amit Kothari

  • Adoption strategies for Social Software

    This post deals with adoption of social software in enterprises. It might echo with people that have faced problems in getting others to believe that their approach works. It promotes how to “get a feel” for success; rather than a measure of adoption. It’s in-house employees and veterans of the company that know how dispersed… read full post

  • We need Business Verbs in Social Software

    This post aims to think about the commonalities of mundane, day-to-day work, or verbs that are universal in corporate life. We treat these as our universal constants, and my idea is that social software has a major role to play in being the vehicle of common business activities. We have only seen a glimpse of… read full post

  • Companies at the edge of chaos are like our brains

    One of the key fears of people that manage knowledge workers is that losing control might mean losing authority and standing. Perhaps they fear that conceptualizing innovation plans might lose the power of processes, quality guidelines or other built-up best practice that is impressionable to the company as essential knowledge.  Much of this is simply… read full post