Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


Leading international social business consultancy

Headshift is a leading international social business consultancy. We help organisations use smarter, simpler, social technologies to improve business performance, communication and customer engagement.

Part of the Dachis Group, we provide consulting and advisory support to organisations exploring social technology, and our implementation work covers the full range from bespoke development to integration and customisation of social platforms and tools, plus the follow-on engagement and support services that ensure they deliver results.

Recent posts by Headshift

  • Releasing innovation by involving your customers

    It is slowly becoming a given that a collaborative and cooperative mindset and culture are essential to team performance and organisational creativity. Perhaps counter-intuitively, even at such places as the investment bank Goldman Sachs where one might expect cut-throat competition to rule.  It is reported that while they compete to recruit the most talented people, the… read full post

  • Making Connections: the Social Object

    There seems to be almost a collective deja vu among some of the social business commentators of late, with lots of talk about a sense of having been here before, for some more than once. For example, Andrew Gilroy, Oracle’s EMEA Enterprise 2.0 spokesperson, even though attending our forward-looking Social Business Summit in London, still found himself… read full post

  • Purposely shaping interaction in social spaces

    In the mid to late 1990’s, before I began working professionally within the social media industry – we called it the online community industry back then – I spent a number of years researching and writing about life online. My particular focus was on how individuals create an identity, form relationships and build communities in… read full post

  • Making boundaries deliberately porous with social tools

    Many businesses have been, for some time, dabbling in the use of socialmedia, usually in marketing their products and services or monitoring andresponding to mentions of their brands. As we’ve seen time and timeagain in client engagements, these activities usually take place insilos and are disconnected from other, often parallel, businesscritical processes such as customer… read full post

  • Clever use of iPhone app by women’s publisher

    Samantha, my stylist, liked my striped shirt but suggested I tuck it in so that the tails don’t show at the bottom of my sweater vest. That was the advice I received – after waiting only about three minutes – when I tried the new Glamour Ask a Stylist App for the iPhone. Ok, I’m… read full post