Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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The Future of Work and Social Business

This Friday I’m going to be speaking as part of the Podio World Tour about the future of work and the Social Business. I’ll be drawing on recent ideas from people like Kevin Kelly, older work by people like Douglas McGregor and current work by Dave Gray to sketch a picture of the Social Business,… read full post

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Connected Communities, social networks and social problems

Interesting new report from the RSA about Connected Communities supports the importance of social networks in thinking about new solutions to social problems

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Making Connections: the Social Object

There seems to be almost a collective deja vu among some of the social business commentators of late, with lots of talk about a sense of having been here before, for some more than once. For example, Andrew Gilroy, Oracle’s EMEA Enterprise 2.0 spokesperson, even though attending our forward-looking Social Business Summit in London, still found himself… read full post

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What makes for longevity in a large company or a city?

The average lifespan of a company is actually falling, and as they grow beyond a certain level of scale, so too is productivity. Dave Gray consider why this is, and compares the factors that make for a successful city with those that lead to long-lived companies.

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The Dot Loop, the simplest process possible

Everywhere something works, you’ll see an interesting loop, or feedback cycle: the Dot Loop: do, observe, think.

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Nudge, motivation and the design of systems

The concept of “nudge” seems to be trending in the public consciousness of the UK at the moment. But why do some people find it morally questionable? And how can it be used in the effective design of systems, processes and working practices? The idea of structuring situations so certain actions or choices are easier… read full post

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E20 Summit 2010: Beyond Adoption

Some thoughts on how we go beyond adoption of tools to drive real business change, including slide of my talk at the 2010 E20 Summit in Frankfurt

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Legal Enterprise 2.0 Success Story

The Law Society recently announced the winners of the 2010 Excellence Awards. The short list featured several Headshift clients in the legal sector, including Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP, shortlisted for the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award. Lars Plougmann, former Headshifter and colleague over at the Dachis Group, gave a great overview of the ‘innovation’ by… read full post

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We need Business Verbs in Social Software

This post aims to think about the commonalities of mundane, day-to-day work, or verbs that are universal in corporate life. We treat these as our universal constants, and my idea is that social software has a major role to play in being the vehicle of common business activities. We have only seen a glimpse of… read full post

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