Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Purposely shaping interaction in social spaces

In the mid to late 1990’s, before I began working professionally within the social media industry – we called it the online community industry back then – I spent a number of years researching and writing about life online. My particular focus was on how individuals create an identity, form relationships and build communities in… read full post

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Making boundaries deliberately porous with social tools

Many businesses have been, for some time, dabbling in the use of socialmedia, usually in marketing their products and services or monitoring andresponding to mentions of their brands. As we’ve seen time and timeagain in client engagements, these activities usually take place insilos and are disconnected from other, often parallel, businesscritical processes such as customer… read full post

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Clever use of iPhone app by women’s publisher

Samantha, my stylist, liked my striped shirt but suggested I tuck it in so that the tails don’t show at the bottom of my sweater vest. That was the advice I received – after waiting only about three minutes – when I tried the new Glamour Ask a Stylist App for the iPhone. Ok, I’m… read full post

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Seeing what’s next… at the Social Business Summit 2010

Clayton M. Christensen describes in his innovation book “Seeing What’s Next” IBM’s strategy of focusing on designing computing machines where they control and develop everything, going from processor, memory, hard drives, to the operating system and software. This gives IBM full control over the machine so they can heavily optimise all the components and software… read full post

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Social Software doesn’t really matter

“Clients usually ask us how they can drill that hole in the wall. As consultants we are obsessed with finding the best drill that does it in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Sadly, we often forget to ask the client why he or she needs that hole in the first place.” (coaching advice from… read full post

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Social Media, Customer service and the 9-5 problem

I’ve just finished listening to the fantastic Smodcast for Kevin Smith about his experiences with South West Airlines, which comes fresh on the tail of last weeks twitter furore over Paperchase using possibly plagiarised designs. Now, I don’t want to discuss who’s right in these two situations, but the problems the respective companies have had… read full post

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Do you want to succeed or survive?

One of the moments in my career that had a deep impact on me was a conversation with an account manager in my previous consulting firm. I gave a presentation to a whole account team about using innovative solutions to help companies getting value out of their existing IT investments during economic downturns. After the… read full post

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Unlocking social media ROI through business transformation

Last night I attended one of the Social Media Week events, Show Me the Money: Where’s the ROI in Social Media?, a panel discussion organised by Chinwag and hosted by Sun. The discussion, chaired by Andrew Gerrard, included Robin Grant from We Are Social, Luke Brynley-Jones of Our Social Times, Marshal Manson from Edelman, Mark Rogers… read full post

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Driving traffic to your blog with twitter

Posting links to twitter can drive significant traffic to websites. I recently wrote a comprehensive post aimed at helping organisations and businesses get started blogging. I knew it would be of interest to a lot of people, so when I was done writing the post, I logged into, a url shortening service, and tweeted… read full post

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How to get started blogging

I’m frequently asked, by our clients as well as the MA Journalism students I occasionally teach as part of my role as a Visiting Journalism Fellow at City University, for tips on how to get started blogging. As someone who has several successful blogs of my own, and having developed a blog training course in… read full post

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