Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Generation Y and the iPhone-Blackberry dilemma

Whilst waiting for a friend last weekend at London Bridge station I noticed a group of young girls flocking to the Starbucks whilst texting on their shiny Blackberry devices. Yes, you read that correctly. A while ago, I was at a concert of The National in the Royal Albert Hall in London and I was… read full post

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Making Books and 8 hour Apps

Over the last couple of weeks myself and my colleague Rich have been working on a little side project to scratch an itch for both of us. Back in February I declared bankruptcy on a couple of dozen long format pieces from my Instapaper and quickly threw together a book of the content using Lulu. … read full post

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Making boundaries deliberately porous with social tools

Many businesses have been, for some time, dabbling in the use of socialmedia, usually in marketing their products and services or monitoring andresponding to mentions of their brands. As we’ve seen time and timeagain in client engagements, these activities usually take place insilos and are disconnected from other, often parallel, businesscritical processes such as customer… read full post

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Spotify-hippies redefining ownership and control in the enterprise

After sipping a few cocktails in the excellent Callooh Callay bar in London, I discovered that the bar’s bathroom is decorated with cassettes as you can see in the picture. Followers of my Twitter stream will know that I get my best ideas while enjoying a good glass of red wine or a whisky and… read full post

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The structured vs. unstructured data dilemma

One of the first things you learn at university in your first year of computer science is data normalisation. I don’t know about the other people out there, but I found it such an utterly boring course. Mankind has such an obsession with categorising every single piece of data that this behaviour is crammed into… read full post

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Tumblr: getting interaction right

Tumblris a fascinating example of how to get user generated and communitysites right.   Fundamentally it’s a microblogging platform, but I thinkthis sells it very short of the whole picture.  It’s succeeding bytaking the interaction patterns that are part of a whole variety ofother services, and creating something which is more than the sum ofthe parts. … read full post

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Creating customer communities

Anyone who follows my movements online will have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet recently. This is because I have, for the past month or so, been part of a Headshift team, which at various times drew upon the experience and skills of more than ten people, working to deliver a piece of strategic consultancy… read full post

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Using behavioural data to create compelling content

Most owners of social software systems use the data generated through usage in their reporting of metrics. So, alongside the standard metrics such as unique users, page impressions, time spent, etc, social tools often enable actions which can also be counted and reported, such as registrations, content submissions, comments generated by that content, etc. The… read full post

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What motivates news eyewitnesses to share?

Yes, it’s the second time The Telegraph has come knocking on our door this week – do these things come in threes? “People in the area affected by the Samoa tsunami’, writes The Telegraph’s Emma Barnett, ‘have been documenting the event by uploading photographs to Twitter via Twitpic.” Earlier today she asked me to comment… read full post

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Daily Telegraph asks Headshift: Is London World social media capital?

London is, suggests an article by the Telegraph’s Emma Barnett, the social media capital of the World. Here’s her evidence: 10% of traffic to Digg, the link recommendation service, comes from London London is the largest geographical network on Facebook Twitter has revealed that London is it’s top city in terms of usage Some twitter… read full post

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