Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Social Business Transformation in Legal and Professional Services

More and more legal and professional services firms are now focusing on social business ideas as a route to greater operational efficiency and closer client relationships. We have a mature practice in this area, and here is how we might help.

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Can IBM Connections provide the missing social layer for Sharepoint intranets?

Sharepoint dominates the corporate intranet platform market, but still lags on social features. Could SharePoint + IBM Connections provide a short-cut to a social intranet?

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Adoption strategies for Social Software

This post deals with adoption of social software in enterprises. It might echo with people that have faced problems in getting others to believe that their approach works. It promotes how to “get a feel” for success; rather than a measure of adoption. It’s in-house employees and veterans of the company that know how dispersed… read full post

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Legal Enterprise 2.0 Success Story

The Law Society recently announced the winners of the 2010 Excellence Awards. The short list featured several Headshift clients in the legal sector, including Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP, shortlisted for the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award. Lars Plougmann, former Headshifter and colleague over at the Dachis Group, gave a great overview of the ‘innovation’ by… read full post

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Social layering can help bring IT and the business together

Social layering in technology platforms is key to enabling future enterprise app stores and a simpler, richer experience for users.

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Seeing what’s next… at the Social Business Summit 2010

Clayton M. Christensen describes in his innovation book “Seeing What’s Next” IBM’s strategy of focusing on designing computing machines where they control and develop everything, going from processor, memory, hard drives, to the operating system and software. This gives IBM full control over the machine so they can heavily optimise all the components and software… read full post

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Blogging on the firm’s public website

People shaking hands, impressive office buildings, smiling people looking at a computer screen, water in motion, shiny buildings in Canary Wharf… We have become so used to stock photography on law firm websites that we hardly notice it anymore. If the photos don’t relate to your business they don’t provide any insight to who you… read full post

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Taking Social Business on the Road

Here are some of the key events for 2010, where we will try to talk to as many people as possible to challenge our ideas, test our hypotheses and fill the gaps in our thinking around social business design.

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Social tools for internal communications

This year is all about a practical focus on mainstreaming social tools inside the firewall, and here are a couple of events to get you started

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How to get started blogging

I’m frequently asked, by our clients as well as the MA Journalism students I occasionally teach as part of my role as a Visiting Journalism Fellow at City University, for tips on how to get started blogging. As someone who has several successful blogs of my own, and having developed a blog training course in… read full post

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