Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Review of the BBC’s New Social Networking Guidelines

My former employer, the BBC, has issued new guidelines for the official use of third party social networking and micro-blogging services. The new guidelines should not be confused with the guidelines issued several years ago on the personal use of blogging and social networking sites by BBC staff but instead are intended to cover official,… read full post

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Unlocking social media ROI through business transformation

Last night I attended one of the Social Media Week events, Show Me the Money: Where’s the ROI in Social Media?, a panel discussion organised by Chinwag and hosted by Sun. The discussion, chaired by Andrew Gerrard, included Robin Grant from We Are Social, Luke Brynley-Jones of Our Social Times, Marshal Manson from Edelman, Mark Rogers… read full post

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Learning about social media through experimentation

Yesterday, during lunch, I went out and took some photos of the area around Headshift’s London headquarters in Shad Thames, just east of the south end of Tower Bridge. When I uploaded them to Flickr, I added notes to each photo, linking the images to create a sort of interactive tour of the area and… read full post

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Aggregation is an opportunity for content providers

The Daily Mirror has joined a growing number of newspapers who block a news aggregator, NewsNow, from crawling it’s site. The Sun and Times Online had already made similar moves. Having worked in the media industry myself for nearly ten years, I understand why, on the face of things, content providers see aggregators as a… read full post

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Driving traffic to your blog with twitter

Posting links to twitter can drive significant traffic to websites. I recently wrote a comprehensive post aimed at helping organisations and businesses get started blogging. I knew it would be of interest to a lot of people, so when I was done writing the post, I logged into, a url shortening service, and tweeted… read full post

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Representing “Social”, Prioritising Design and the I-word

A few of us went to see Christain Crumlish talk about the Yahoo! Design Pattern library yesterday after work – It was an interesting evening with much to chew on. I wanted to talk briefly about it and what I took from it.

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Taking Social Business on the Road

Here are some of the key events for 2010, where we will try to talk to as many people as possible to challenge our ideas, test our hypotheses and fill the gaps in our thinking around social business design.

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How to get started blogging

I’m frequently asked, by our clients as well as the MA Journalism students I occasionally teach as part of my role as a Visiting Journalism Fellow at City University, for tips on how to get started blogging. As someone who has several successful blogs of my own, and having developed a blog training course in… read full post

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Tumblr: getting interaction right

Tumblris a fascinating example of how to get user generated and communitysites right.   Fundamentally it’s a microblogging platform, but I thinkthis sells it very short of the whole picture.  It’s succeeding bytaking the interaction patterns that are part of a whole variety ofother services, and creating something which is more than the sum ofthe parts. … read full post

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Creating customer communities

Anyone who follows my movements online will have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet recently. This is because I have, for the past month or so, been part of a Headshift team, which at various times drew upon the experience and skills of more than ten people, working to deliver a piece of strategic consultancy… read full post

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