Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Dachis Group tools up for the future

Exciting times at Dachis Group where several new acquisitions point to a growing global consulting group

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Critical perspectives on Web 2.0

Deflating the hype bubble? Trebor Scholz and others outline critical perspectives on Web 2.0 in a special issue of First Monday

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On being espresso, not cappuccino, in 2008

A belated welcome to 2008, which is looking like a very interesting year in both senses of the word. At Headshift, we intend to become more boring and more sexy at the same time – watch this space!

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Price your own software, music, experience

Radiohead are offering their new album for whatever you want to pay for it – yikes!

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CIOs and the future of IT management

How is the IT function changing and what is the future role of the CIO?

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Social tools for Internal Communications

Participants at a recent Melcrum European seminar on social tools for internal communications came up with some useful insights into the use cases for social software and the barriers and chellanges for deployment

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The lazy man’s way to business success

Crooked Timber offers some sage advice for would-be business people

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What other conferences can learn from Reboot

Maybe I am getting jaded, but I am more and more conscious of a gulf in quality between events like Reboot and LIFT on the European circuit and UK business-focused conferences. Herewith, some observations on what we could do better.

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Some practical steps towards collective intelligence in the enterprise

Looking beyond the immediate challenge of the adoption of social tools in the enterprise,
what can we hope to achieve when there is a healthy ‘flow’ of content, traffic and ideas flowing around internal networks? Companies with hundreds or thousands of people have the scale required to achieve some interesting network effects, and through intelligent use of social tools, basic forms of collective intelligence are remarkably achievable.

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What form will Enterprise 2.0 take?

Demand is growing for Social Software and Enterprise 2.0 tools, and the value proposition is clearly very strong compared to traditional enterprise systems. But how do you go about delivering this value in corporate networks that are more used to fixed systems than iterative, evolving social tools? What sort of new approaches should we be thinking about to make the most of the fluid nature of Enterprise 2.0 tools?

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