Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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The WordPress London September Meetup at Headshift

Following on from the success of our previous meetups, Headshift is once again hosting the WordPress London meetup in our offices on Thursday 22nd September. Here’s rough outline of the programme for the coming event agenda for next week. If you’re interested, don’t forget to RVSP through the meetup group 7.00pm – Welcome 7:10 pm… read full post

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We’re hosting the next London WordPress Meetup – come along!

We’re big fans of WordPress at Headshift. A fair few of us have been building sites with it since the 1.2 days, and these days, a good portion of our work involves extending it for clients, and advising them on how to get the most from the platform. In fact, if you’re viewing this post… read full post

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Connected Communities, social networks and social problems

Interesting new report from the RSA about Connected Communities supports the importance of social networks in thinking about new solutions to social problems

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Leadership is not obsolete in the networked world

New forms of leadership are emerging in the networked world of Twenty-First Century companies, and traditional leadership skills are by no means obsolete, although they may be expressed differently

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From the Local Village to the Global Village and back

Over the past decades we have seen the world becoming smaller and smaller thanks to new technologies. Location has almost become irrelevant when it comes to communicating, collaborating and connecting with other people. If I want to see someone in a different place, I fire up the video chat. If I want to stay informed… read full post

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“Old media” can be innovative too

There are some smart people inside so-called old media companies who might yet surprise us with the innovation they can deliver around existing audiences

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Network-centric management

Martin Duggage on Network-centric management and communities of practice in Schneider Electric

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Do online communities need reporters

Seb Paquet links to an article about weblogs as a reporting tool within online communities

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Overview of slashdot-style moderation systems

analysis and discussion of methods of maintaining norms in online communities

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Is physical presence necessary for community?

Can there be such a thing as “online” community or does it only exist in the real world of phyical contact.

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