Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


Posts with a corporate theme

What makes for longevity in a large company or a city?

The average lifespan of a company is actually falling, and as they grow beyond a certain level of scale, so too is productivity. Dave Gray consider why this is, and compares the factors that make for a successful city with those that lead to long-lived companies.

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Blogging 4 Business redux

Notes from the Headshift/SixApart session at the Blogging for Business conference in London on April 4, 2007

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Bottom-up and inside out – the future of enterprise IT?

Software as a Service is a potentially transformational delivery model that could put functionality and control in the hands of lines of business rather than just IT, and it will play a key role in the future of what people are calling Enterprise 2.0 – but how and when will that happen?

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Some practical steps towards collective intelligence in the enterprise

Looking beyond the immediate challenge of the adoption of social tools in the enterprise,
what can we hope to achieve when there is a healthy ‘flow’ of content, traffic and ideas flowing around internal networks? Companies with hundreds or thousands of people have the scale required to achieve some interesting network effects, and through intelligent use of social tools, basic forms of collective intelligence are remarkably achievable.

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Network-centric management

Martin Duggage on Network-centric management and communities of practice in Schneider Electric

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What form will Enterprise 2.0 take?

Demand is growing for Social Software and Enterprise 2.0 tools, and the value proposition is clearly very strong compared to traditional enterprise systems. But how do you go about delivering this value in corporate networks that are more used to fixed systems than iterative, evolving social tools? What sort of new approaches should we be thinking about to make the most of the fluid nature of Enterprise 2.0 tools?

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Excellent intro to corporate blogging

Useful introductory presentation of corporate blogging

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Suw on Guardian Newsblog

The Guardian newsblog launches and links to Suw’s piece about corporate blogging skills

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UK Corporate Web sites slowly improving

limited improvement in UK corporate sites, but a hard core of appalling examples remain

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CIO magazine KM tips

Some useful corporate KM tips – but fails to mention some of the more informal tools and techniques that can break down barriers to participation

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