Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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We are Dachis Group London :)

Headshift is changing its name to Dachis Group London as we complete our integration with the global firm. This will bring new opportunities for our clients and partners.

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Social Business Summit roundup

The London Social Business Summit will take place this week, and then the series will close in Singapore on April 6th – here is a roundup of what happened so far in Sydney and Austin

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Dachis Group tools up for the future

Exciting times at Dachis Group where several new acquisitions point to a growing global consulting group

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Social Business Summit London roundup

Two down and one to go in our global series of social business summits… here is a roundup of the London event

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Power up! Level completed

We are proud to announce that Headshift has joined the Dachis Group to accelerate the next phase of development into a global social business consulting firm

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