Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Peripheral vision and ambient knowledge

Dave Snowden talks about how we make sense through pattern matching rather than linear analysis. Social software can support this process by improving our peripheral vision and helping us organise our own eco-system of links, cues and sources to improve our sense making and decision making ability. My own presentation, linked from the piece, describes how we can go about achieving this.

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Influencing change in complex systems: Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden gave a fascinating insight into new thinking around influencing change in complex systems such as the NHS in an online seminar for an invited audience on May 19.

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KM Europe 2003: Dave Snowden

Notes of Dave Snowden’s presentation on the use of boundaries and attractors to influence complex systems within organisations

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The Future of Knowledge Management?

Dave Pollard’s new paper on the future direction of KM

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Welcome to the TechKnowledgy department

Dave Pollard continues thinking about a TechKnolwedgy department that combines KM and IT

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TechKnowledgy applications for individual effectiveness

Dave Pollard wants KM and IT to unite to produce simple, personal TechKnowledgy tools

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