Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Edutainment and competition make the world go round

The New York Times published an article today on how utilities turn their customers green. For years and years the Sacramento Municipal Utility District had tried to push people to using less energy by offering for example rebates for energy-saving appliances. However, all tactics seemed to be in vain until they applied a very simple… read full post

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Headshift’s Recent Participation at Journalism & Media Events

I’ve been really busy speaking at different events the past few weeks and, although I’m usually pretty good at letting people know where I’ll be speaking, I’ve not managed to tell you much about how the events actually went or what I learned, so here’s a round-up. At the end of October, I spent an… read full post

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The Museum and the Zoo

The market for Enterprise 2.0 is booming. Client attention is high as blog readership and conference attendance figures demonstrate it. Individual actors know it as they see both their turnover and workforce growing. Reports from analysts confirm it. This is good news: pioneers can have a decent living :-But what this market growth means and… read full post

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The lazy man’s way to business success

Crooked Timber offers some sage advice for would-be business people

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TDA/Microsoft Creativity Futures Forum

Notes from a stimulating event hosted by MIcrosoft about the role of IT in promoting creativity in schools

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Hands up who installs an LMS at home to learn something new?

Some people still cling to the idea that LMS’s have a role to play in online education, but Seb nails that one with a simple observation.

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Social Skills through Social Software Conference

An interesting conference in Salzburg looking at the ways in which social software can assist the development of social skills in education.

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What happens when the students blog better than the professors?

Aaron Swartz blogs his way through Stanford, offering a glimpse into the future of student blogging

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Some papers on the Educational Semantic Web

paper on the semantic web in education

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Semantic web thinking from the Guardian

Education Guardian talks about some interesting Semantic Web research in Bristol, whilst Ben Hammersley published his presentation on the subject from REBOOT

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