Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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E2.0 and social business making good progress in Germany

Brief report from the Petersberger Gespräche event in Bonn last week

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A tale of two E20 cities – from San Francisco to Frankfurt

The E20 baton has been handed over from the San Francisco conference to the Frankfurt 20 Summit, and I hope we are in for a good event that focuses more on practice than semantics and definitions

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Looking forward to LIFT

Coming to LIFT? It is a great event in Geneva every February.

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What other conferences can learn from Reboot

Maybe I am getting jaded, but I am more and more conscious of a gulf in quality between events like Reboot and LIFT on the European circuit and UK business-focused conferences. Herewith, some observations on what we could do better.

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Apres Le Web, le deluge

Le Web 3 was a spectacular conference – the biggest of its kind in Europe so far – and it provided a fascinating insight into the current state of the continent’s social software scene, which is becoming more entrepreurial and investment driven.
This great for innovation in the consumer sectors, but if most new companies are chasing the investment bubble, then who will do the hard work of bringing these new technologies to European businesses? Three guesses… 😉

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Are we seeing a European social software boom?

Are we seeing the beginning of a social software boom in Europe? What would a European market for social software tools look like?

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Upcoming social software-related events

We will be taking part in several forthcoming interesting events that involve discussion of the the practical uses of social software

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European e-gov interoperability framework

Details of an emerging European framework from Dr John Gotze

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KM Europe

A good line up for KM Europe – we will be there for the first two days

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