Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Social networks and the connective tissue of a Big Society

‘Big Society’ coverage seems to be all about volunteering, but there is a key role for understanding social networks as part of the analysis of social problems and also in enabling distribute participation as part of potential solutions to them. Healthy social networks are the connective tissue of a Big Society

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Social Strategy Talk: Participation and Open data

Extract and slides from a talk I gave about the importance of participation underpinned by open data

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Preview of UK Government’s open data site

The new site is a good first effort towards creating a UK version of and enabling open data to be shared and re-used outside government

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What should EU governments do with the web to transform public services?

To encourage EU governments to act more quickly on public services 2.0, we have joined with other partners to launch (what we hope will become) a co-created declaration on public services to sit alongside the ministerial declaration at Malmo in November 2009.

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Local Government breakfast tomorrow

Headshift are sponsoring a Local Government breakfast club meeting on January 20th, in Kings Cross, London.

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Twitter scepticism: justified or not?

Am I right to have a slightly sceptical view of the value of Twitter to most people? Maybe I should give it a try…

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Data protection, security myths and citizen data repositories

The UK government is in a bind over its lack of data security awareness, but the problems are not just technical

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Social Software and the Enabling Council

Anna Randle writes today in eGov Monitor about Social Software and the Enabling Council.

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Follow-up on government portals

More on the issues surrounding portals vs raw information and services in terms of delivering e-government services.

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Different models for engaging with government online

How would you like your e-government?

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