Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Off to the International Information Industry Awards

We’re off to the International Information Industry Awards tomorrow night, where the Knowledge Community we developed for our clients, the National Institute for Mental Health in England, is up for an award in the Innovation in Knowledge Management category.

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Peripheral vision and ambient knowledge

Dave Snowden talks about how we make sense through pattern matching rather than linear analysis. Social software can support this process by improving our peripheral vision and helping us organise our own eco-system of links, cues and sources to improve our sense making and decision making ability. My own presentation, linked from the piece, describes how we can go about achieving this.

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Organisational Culture and knowledge sharing

Understanding, and in some cases influencing organisational culture is an imporant requisite for effective knowledge sharing – it is also not something that conventional enterprise software does very well

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How to Apply for (IA) Jobs

How to apply for Information Architecture jobs, with useful hints for any job seekers in this industry

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Excellent wrap-up of IA Summit 2004

IA Summit wrap-up

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Who owns the linkages?

Louis Rosenfeld thinking about EIA as corporate IP – bring on the lawyers!

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Intro to the use of Personas in user experience design

guide to using personas to provide a clear target for UX design, especially for information-rich sites

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Lack of communication and the failure of organisations

Mitch Ratcliffe talks about the impact of lack of communiaction in organisational failure

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Balancing visual and structural complexity in interaction design

Good piece about getting the right balance of elements in good Web design, and the impact of not enough/too much complexity.

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Encouraging information literacy among staff

Organisations are finally beginning to recognise that information literacy is a key skill for their staff. Vivienne Winterman, Val Skelton and Angela Abell have been looking at current developments.

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