Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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SNA tools: what are we measuring?

SNA tools have a certain allure, since they sound logical; but the problem is the data we have to feed them. Email and Document stores are not enough to produce a real picture of organisational networks. We need first to create the myriad of weak signals that can allow online social networks to develop before we can hope to derive actionable intelligence.

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Humanising the Enterprise through Ambient Social Knowledge

The solution to information overload is more information, combined with a looser, more intuitive approach to processing it. People make decisions by matching patterns based on a variety of inputs. Ambient knowledge may actually be more effective for decision making in companies than the codified mono-directional memo, email, and task assignment culture.

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Peripheral vision and ambient knowledge

Dave Snowden talks about how we make sense through pattern matching rather than linear analysis. Social software can support this process by improving our peripheral vision and helping us organise our own eco-system of links, cues and sources to improve our sense making and decision making ability. My own presentation, linked from the piece, describes how we can go about achieving this.

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Social Software as a force multiplier for existing corporate systems

Adopting social software in the enterprise does mean throwing out other systems; in fact, it can bring them to life by layering on user-generated metadata to recombine existing data in new, more flexible ways

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Mind your language

‘Knowledge sharing’ doesn’t mean anything to most people.

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The writing process as a barrier to knowledge sharing

It’s all well and good having the tools to share knowledge, but people with little confidence in their own writing ability are unlikely to use them.

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Looking for information

How do people find information? What sources do they prefer? And what are the implications for knowledge sharing applications?

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Social Tools for the Enterprise Symposium

Social Tools for the Enterprise Symposium, London, July 12, 2004

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From content to connectivity; corporate to personal

knowledge is stored in social structures and networks rather than databases

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The fallacy of measurement

Measuring perrformance of knowledge workers, from CEOs down to the shop floor more often than not results in people simply ‘gaming’ the system

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