Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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What makes for longevity in a large company or a city?

The average lifespan of a company is actually falling, and as they grow beyond a certain level of scale, so too is productivity. Dave Gray consider why this is, and compares the factors that make for a successful city with those that lead to long-lived companies.

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Leadership is not obsolete in the networked world

New forms of leadership are emerging in the networked world of Twenty-First Century companies, and traditional leadership skills are by no means obsolete, although they may be expressed differently

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The Museum and the Zoo

The market for Enterprise 2.0 is booming. Client attention is high as blog readership and conference attendance figures demonstrate it. Individual actors know it as they see both their turnover and workforce growing. Reports from analysts confirm it. This is good news: pioneers can have a decent living :-But what this market growth means and… read full post

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CIOs and the future of IT management

How is the IT function changing and what is the future role of the CIO?

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Network-centric management

Martin Duggage on Network-centric management and communities of practice in Schneider Electric

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Be part of the revolution…

… and join our team. We’re currently looking for people to join us in delivering the benefits of Social Software and Web 2.0 to the world.

If you’re a project manager or producer who’s been working in the agency and online software development world, and you want to make a real difference with these new technologies let us know.

And if you’ve had your fill of websites and brochure-ware then get in touch.

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Social Software as a force multiplier for existing corporate systems

Adopting social software in the enterprise does mean throwing out other systems; in fact, it can bring them to life by layering on user-generated metadata to recombine existing data in new, more flexible ways

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KM in law firms

Managing knowledge within law firms is a notoriously difficult process, despite being a key area of value creation for modern practices, as Joy London’s blog points out.

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Kitchens, stir fry and project management

Managing projects and project scope must take into account individual practice whilst minimising risk through a mutually agreed process.

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Pollard’s principles of KM

Dave Pollard sets out some useful, practical KM principles

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