Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Can IBM Connections provide the missing social layer for Sharepoint intranets?

Sharepoint dominates the corporate intranet platform market, but still lags on social features. Could SharePoint + IBM Connections provide a short-cut to a social intranet?

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Take your SharePoint implementation to the next level

More and more Sharepoint implementations are hitting the adoption wall. This is an avoidable problem. This post covers how Sharepoint can be used as a capability layer to drive a successful social business platform, and how to work around its limitations.

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Amidst the Microhoo ballyhoo, an idea for improving enterprise tools

The heat and noise generated by MIcrosoft’s hostile bid for Yahoo could power a city, but among the various reactions and strained metaphors are some important points for the future of the Web. Plus, I think there is a potentially innovative enterprise angle that has not been discussed so far.

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Sharepoint, Confluence and Newsgator: towards the social stack

Microsoft has announced a partnership with two innovative Enterprise 2.0 products – Confluence and Newsgator (both are Headshift partners)- to extend its Sharepoint system in the direction of becoming a social computing platform for the enterprise. We believe this will be the nudge that many IT departments need to embrace a meaningful social tools strategy.

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Vista is now out of the way

Welcome Microsoft Vista – now get out of the way

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the half-life of IE browsers

IE7 has been released after 5 years. Yipee?

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TDA/Microsoft Creativity Futures Forum

Notes from a stimulating event hosted by MIcrosoft about the role of IT in promoting creativity in schools

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Google Office becoming a reality

Google Office is on its way, and there are variety of smaller players hoping to be an “Office killer” – but will we still be using clunky office filetypes in the future?

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End of empire or new phase of domination for Microsoft?

Microsoft face a major battle in overcoming competition from Google and Yahoo in the new world of online services, and whether they win this battle or not, it will have ramifications for a number of companies and markets … and who will rescue their users?

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Microsoft research social computing group

An interesting insight into some of the tools and techniques Microsoft people are experimenting with that involve social networking

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