Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Event Summary: BBC New Media Central Presentations at AIGA London

BBC New Media Central (NMC) is one of the biggest design research and development centres in the UK working across all digital media. Nico McDonald from AIGA London organized an event at the Design Council last Wednesday to introduce the work of NMC.

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Clay Shirky’s reading list on networks

Clay Shirky’s intro and reading list on new thinkng in relation to networks

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How this site was built

We have worked hard to create a site that is simple on the outside but clever on the inside to provide useful knowledge sharing features relevant to our areas of interest.

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Gleaning, Exchanging and Vernacular Media

Review of MIT Press publication “New Media: 1740-1915”, looking at the social effects of various ‘new’ media from history…

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A bidding war for a blog ?!?

Xeni at Boing Boing is writes that the blogosphere (I think that’s somewhere in New York) is all aflutter about alleged bidding wars for the services of Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers and also about an imminent biz-blog venture from the individual who founded the Silicon Alley ReporterIt seems the “blogosphere” is itching for a chance… read full post

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New Economy Depression Syndrome

New Economy Depression Syndrome occurs when excessive reliance on technology diminishes human relationships at work and beyond.

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NYT on blogs in the workplace

NYT piece on workplace blogging

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Reputation mechanisms in online communities

NYT discusses karma, online CRM booboos and reputation mechanisms in online communities

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NY Times on Wikis in Business

Corante link to NYT piece on business blogging

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