Blogging was where we began, and how we built our company so we have preserved this archive to show how our thinking developed over a decade of developing the use of social technology inside organisations


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Looking back at the Confluence User Group in London

Last week Headshift and Adaptivist hosted this year’s first Confluence User Group. The organisations attending were as varied as the topics discussed. There was a lot of interest around the strategic use of Confluence (especially along enterprise legacy systems), user adoption, community management but also more technical topics like clustering, plugin development and others. Most… read full post

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Democratisation of Voice and Data: who owns user stories?

The new NHS Healthy Choices site raises some interesting questions about how and where to engage with users to hear their stories about experiences of health care.

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UK opposition party makes Open Source Software promise

George Osborne of the UK Conservatives has promised his party will boost the use of Open Source Software by government if they are elected, in an excellent speech about the social web.

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Patient Opinion’s Paul Hodgkin on Web 2.0 innovation in healthcare

Good interview with Patient Opinion’s Paul Hodgkin about the project

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Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion gathers direct, unmediated stories about healthcare provision and aggregates them to benefit both patients making choices and providers planning services.

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Usability testing in the wild

Notes from a UKUPA meeting that shared details of a useful ‘in the wild’ usability testing technique based on the experience of medical shift handovers.

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NHS IT programme to consult patients and users

New web site and consultation body for the NHS National Programme for IT.

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A joint conversation about healthcare improvement knowledge

The UK’s NHS Modernisation Agency is using a weblog-based consultation web site to inform a month-long conversation about the future of improvement knowledge sharing in the health service.

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Government IT projects fail because of “crap suppliers”

E-envoy blasts “crap suppliers” who tell lies, whilst the NHS engages the managers of a US internment camp to run the NHS programme office

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NHS to launch single health portal

NHS to create portal to public online government health-related sites

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